The All-Auto-Appraisal-Industry-Conference™ (AAAIC) was conceived by the International Automotive Appraisers Association™ (IAAA) in 2004. It is the chosen venue to accomplish the task of fulfilling IAAA goals set forth in 1994 ; to unify and educate members and provide uniform standards for the automotive appraiser.

The IAAA provides automotive appraisers training at the AAAIC, which take place at regional meetings and online throughout each year. The USAAP (Uniform Standards for Automotive Appraisal Procedures) were established in 2007 as the outcome of documenting information about the IAAA automotive appraisers and their appraisals since 1994.

The AAAIC was the venue that the IAAA announced completing the development part of the USAAP in 2005.

The AAAIC also provides Automotive Appraisal industry personnel an opportunity to interact and share concerns with IAAA members, which is a benefit to the clients they all serve.

The IAAA trains and certifies auto appraisers and appraisal clause hearing umpires. The IAAA offers an Auto Appraiser Apprentice Program at the AAAIC events through out the country.

The IAAA provides auto appraiser certifications as an IAAA, Master Appraiser™, Automediator (Umpire) and proficiency certifications in USAAP, Diminished Value and Loss of Use.

The AAAIC™ continually coincides with Barrett-Jackson, January in Scottsdale Arizona and April in West Palm Beach Florida along with the Russo and Steele auctions, January in Scottsdale Arizona and June in Newport Beach California.  R & M, Gooding and Bonhams Collector Car Auctions that take place during January of each year in Scottsdale Arizona. The AAAIC timing gives attendees the opportunity to get a ring side view of the worldwide market-places. The conference attendees hone their skills that are so important, to enhance their appraisals and assure that IAAA member’s credibility stand above the rest of the appraisal industry.


The All-Auto-Appraisal-Industry-Conference is the epicenter that is responsible for establishing the USAAP Uniform Standards for Auto Appraisal Procedures which is the only set of standards specific to automotive appraisals along with establishing the Automediators Association and the unique training needed as a professional automotive appraisal clause hearing Umpire.

AAAIC West Palm Beach FL
April 2014

The AAAIC is sponsored by Putnam Leasing Since its inception in 2004. 2015 Sponsors included Jessers Classic Keys, Ferrari North America and the IAAA.